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AOC Celebrates 30 Years...and Going Higher...We've Made It!

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Pastor & Mrs. Raymond (Mary) Watson, Jr.

The 30th anniversary celebration has come and gone.  Unfortunately Gustav shortened our plans, but we are grateful and excited about all of those that were able to come home.
We need your pictures, testimonies, and praise reports.
Please send in by clicking on the link below.

Pastor Daniel T. Brown (Bernice) Brown, Sr.
Founder and Co-Founder, Apostolic Outreach Center

AOC Good Ole' Days Photo Album

Pictures of the Easter Drama 1995

AOC Memory Walk Pictures

Pastor Raymond & Sis. Mary Watson along with the family of the Apostolic Outreach Center are gearing up for the greatest event to take place this year at AOC! This is for all of those that are or have ever been a part of this Apostolic dynasty. The AOC church of New Orleans is calling everyone home for a 30th Celebration Event during the week August 24-31, 2008! The last weekend is Labor Day weekend. Save the dates! Events will take place on the 24, 26, 29, 30 and 31stIt's time to look back...look now...and look ahead! Be prepared for a full week of celebratory events--memorial services, anointed preaching and singing, a black-tie affair, and a culminating service. Don't miss it! Contact everyone that has had ANY connection with this great church! AOC celebrates 30! Keep checking back for more updates!


Bishop John R. Cupit --Second Pastor, AOC

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