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AOC Celebrates 30 Years...and Going Higher...We've Made It!

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"A man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will."  Acts 13:22


Mother Bernice Brown, Co-Founder
Apostolic Outreach Center Church


Bishop T. D. Jakes, a modern day prophet, preached that "the anointing is not judged by how many people shake and roll by what you preach, but if what you said was effective." Many times over it was said that Daniel T. Brown, Sr. was a man that was "before his time." Isaiah 55:8 declares "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." Surely the message of the late Pastor Brown was truly effective in that more than a dozen churches have been birthed out of AOC with sons and daughters all over the USA. God placed one Danny Brown, along with his wife, Bernice Brown, on the scene in the 70's to effect his present world and he was a viable agent of change until God transitioned him in August of 1982. The dream did not die and those of us that were chosen to sit under his teaching and tutelage are mandated to continue sharing this glorious gospel to everyone. From the humble beginnings in the "upper room" of a daycare center on Columbus Street, to the a remodeled bowling alley on Clematis Street, to the pre- and post-Katrina "Promised Land" where the AOC is now housed, the heartbeat of our founder resonates "a church in the heart of the community with the community at heart."
This webpage is dedicated in the honor of our late Pastor Daniel T. Brown, and to the present love and adoration we pour on our First Mother Bernice Brown.